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loamloam /ləʊm $ loʊm/ noun [uncountable]  TASgood quality soil consisting of sand, clay, and decayed plantsloamy adjective
Examples from the Corpus
loamTherefore a mixture of clay or loam and coarse river sand is needed.Coarse sand or gravel with peat or loam is suitable.Cultivation: A layer of peat and gravel, or leaf-mould and coarse sand or loam should provide a good medium.Propagation is done by either dividing the rootstock with shoots or by planting seeds in a container of damp sand or loam.It thrives on a muddy bottom, and therefore a base consisting of sand or loam should be provided.The creek trickles pleasantly, carving away at the pale loam.In the damaged quadrant three men raked stones from the freshly rolled loam.Though not difficult to grow, they are greedy and prefer a rich, well-drained sandy loam.
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