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lobelobe /ləʊb $ loʊb/ noun [countable]  1 HBHthe soft piece of flesh at the bottom of your ear syn earlobe2 technicalHBH a round part of an organ in your body, especially in your brain or lungs
Examples from the Corpus
lobeIt is a star in serious trouble, with bright bloated lobes of gas swelling off it, announcing its death throes.He studied the Gascon's dark effete face and the jewel-encrusted pearl which swung arrogantly from one ear lobe.Failure in this frontal-thalamic link accounts for loss of interest in the surroundings after frontal lobe damage.Even in his haste he noted subtle distinctions of taste between cerebellum and cortex, between frontal lobes and limbic system.It showed a tumor in the frontal lobe in a very awkward place: close to the motor strip and language areas.It consists of two lateral lobes and a single small dorsal lobe.That seems to activate the cerebral cortex in the parietal lobes more than in the frontal lobes.Sometimes the hallucinations associated with small seizures in the temporal lobe have characteristics suggestive of schizophrenic thought, especially paranoia.
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