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local colour

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlocal colourˌlocal ˈcolour British English, local color American English noun [uncountable]  DETAILadditional details in a story or picture that give you a better idea of what a place is really like His description of the smells from the market added a touch of local color.
Examples from the Corpus
local colourSecondly the traditional dances and customs of a particular country that can give local colour and atmosphere to a plot or theme.More established resorts improve a lot on these standards, but perhaps offer less local colour and charm.She had not gone unnoticed by Ron Barton of the True Brit who was, as always, in search of local colour.Their function is to supply realism or local colour, and for these purposes their use is perfectly legitimate.I had already begun an outline for another book and for that I needed some local colour in an Eastern bloc country.
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