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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlocalitylo‧cal‧i‧ty /ləʊˈkæləti $ loʊ-/ noun (plural localities) [countable] formal  AREAa small area of a country, city etc syn area weather reports from several different localitiesin the locality Both sea fishing and freshwater angling are available in the locality.
Examples from the Corpus
localityThe city council is responsible for providing police protection in each locality.Assume that R is a high-income locality and S is a low-income locality.It is a major finding that the socio-demographic profiles of individual localities have become increasingly distinctive.All are of single birds - 10 seen at the coast and eight in inland localities.Main classes are based upon a division of localities into continents.Census takers then turn the difference into a mathematical formula and apply it to the overall locality.Maybe you have read of gold being found in a particular locality, but now you can see it.Police officers are generally expected to live in the same locality in which they work.In some localities the price of housing has risen by more than fifty percent in the last decade.They are also regular at most suitable localities along the coast.in the localityThe presentation of a pair of binoculars will help in pursuit of his hobby of aeroplane spotting at numerous airfields in the locality.Elsewhere in the locality, a mysterious stranger is murdering young homosexuals.Agronomists were much in evidence in the localities in the spring of 1922.Llandudno had merely assisted with funding his flight to this country and helped to get him a job in the locality.It arose out of genuine social issues, not because there was a disproportionate number of prejudiced personalities living in the locality.This provided the power for the only mill in the locality, Stoke Orchard Mill.If a woman brewed a better beer than her neighbours her house became the favoured one in the locality - the local.We chose Bedford as it was almost the only place in the locality where hotel accommodation was available.
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