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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlocallylo‧cal‧ly /ˈləʊkəli $ ˈloʊ-/ ●●○ adverb  1 NEARin or near the area where you are, or the area you are talking about I live locally, so it’s easy to get to the office.2 NEARin particular small areas Most of the country will be dry, but there will be some rain locally.see thesaurus at nearTHESAURUSlocally in or near the area where you are, or the area you are talking aboutThe restaurant only uses vegetables which are grown locally.Police say they believe the man lives locally.nearby/close by not far awayDo you live nearby?The villa has a private garden and there’s a swimming pool close by.around here spoken in or near the place where you areIs there a bank around here?Do you live around here?in the neighbourhood British English, in the neighborhood American English in the area of the town where you are, or that you are talking aboutAre there good schools in the neighborhood?in/around these parts in the particular area of the country where you are, or that you are talking aboutThere aren’t many foxes in these parts.He’s known around these parts as the ‘bag man’ because of the bag he always carries with him.
Examples from the Corpus
locallyMicrotech employs 1300 workers locally.Half board for second week is compulsory and payable locally.The series is not yet shown in New Zealand, so Sorbo is a relative unknown locally.The limitations of what is available for you locally can also be part of this pain.He's taking us from the airport to what is locally down as the Darth Vader Hotel.locally elected governmentsAlso, locally organised, imaginative initiatives to introduce pupils to science and careers involving the application of science.It is cruciform and aisleless, built of locally quarried ashlar stone.It made coping with locally severe unemployment difficult, since only the resources of the rate-paying parishioners could be drawn on.We've now got 150 members locally, with membership at 31,000 nationwide.
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