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lo‧ca‧tion S3 W2
1 [countable] a particular place, especially in relation to other areas, buildings etc:
His apartment is in a really good location.
2 [countable] the position of something
location of
The map shows the precise location of the crash.
see usage note position1
3 [uncountable and countable]AMF a place away from a film studio where scenes are filmed:
It was hard to find a suitable location for the desert scenes.
on location
Most of the movie was shot on location in Africa.
4 [uncountable] the act of finding the position of something:
The main problem for engineers was the location of underground rivers in the area.

position, place, location, where, there
Place is a very general word for talking about where something or someone is the place where they live Put this in a safe place.Position can be used to talk about the place where something is in relation to other things or places the position of the table in the roomLocation is used mainly in formal or business English to talk about where a building is a house in a central location the location of the new headquartersIn ordinary spoken English, it is more usual to use words like where, there, somewhere, anywhere to talk about the place where something or someone is This is where (NOT the place where) I live. My shoes were in the hall but they're not there (NOT in that place) now. Let's have lunch somewhere different (NOT in a different place) today.See also position

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