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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlocilo‧ci /ˈləʊsaɪ $ ˈloʊsaɪ, -ki/  x-refthe plural of locus
Examples from the Corpus
lociThe next step is to combine these factors across all loci.The opera is first and foremost an evocation of genius loci, and subsequently a gallery of types and humours.Combining the effects of many loci is nontrivial.Human ALDHs are encoded at four independant loci on four different chromosomes.His sense of history and of genius loci was potent.Genomic clones of both the Oct-11a and Oct-11b loci were isolated from a BALB/c library in the vector l Charon 4A.The Oct-11a and Oct-11b loci were mapped by interspecific backcross analysis.
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