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locker room

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locker roomˈlocker room noun [countable]  DSDCa room in a school, sports building etc where people change their clothes and leave them in lockers
Examples from the Corpus
locker roomHe was handcuffed and taken to a locker room where he was chained to a metal grille by the arms and legs.Privately, some express worries about the effect of picking transsexuals on locker room morale.She sits alone in the locker room for a long time, dry-eyed, numb, unthinking.By the time the girls gather in the locker room at three, Jody is seething again.Jody tells them in the locker room.There is the natural tendency, too, for players to circle the wagons in the locker room.At halftime, Oregon up by six, Jess stands alone in the back of the locker room staring her wide-eyed stare.They are subdued as they walk down the passageway from the visitors' locker room to the court.
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