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locketlock‧et /ˈlɒkɪt $ ˈlɑː-/ noun [countable]  DCJa piece of jewellery that you wear around your neck on a chain, with a small metal case in which you can put a picture, a piece of hair etc
Examples from the Corpus
locketThen it relaxed, opened, releasing a treasure it had been holding: a chain a locket, a gold locket.And inside, in the tiny, circular locket, was the picture of a woman.A gold locket in which two small photographs lay face to face.The sentimental value of her lockets, chains, rings, heirlooms was not appreciated by the insurance company.No, not every item; he kept on his locket.Retrieving the locket, Adam sees that it contains one lock of blonde hair and another of black.Monks tied the locket to a heavy weight and dropped it into the water.
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