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lodge a complaint/protest/appeal etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlodge a complaint/protest/appeal etclodge a complaint/protest/appeal etcBritish EnglishCOMPLAIN to make a formal or official complaint, protest etclodge a complaint/protest/appeal etc with He lodged an appeal with the High Court.lodge a complaint/protest/appeal etc against They lodged a complaint against the doctor for negligence. lodge
Examples from the Corpus
lodge a complaint/protest/appeal etcMr Fitzgerald immediately lodged an appeal.She agrees to go the city council and lodge a complaint.A NORTH-EAST woman has lodged a complaint after an ambulance took almost an hour to arrive at an accident.Ceausescu's lawyers immediately lodged an appeal against the verdict.When the public prosecutor appealed against that ruling, Pasko lodged a complaint in an attempt to clear his name.Hakkar lodged an appeal, which was turned down.This prompted the Foreign Ministry in Bonn to lodge a protest with the Czechoslovak ambassador.The Wimbledon midfield player officially lodged an appeal with the Football Association against his £20,000 fine and six-month suspended ban.
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