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Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: loge 'small building'


2 noun
Related topics: Other Sports, Buildings
lodge2 [countable]
1TBB a small house on the land of a large country house, usually at the main entrance gate
2TBB a room or small building at the entrance to a college, institution etc for someone whose job is to watch who enters and leaves:
the porter's lodge
3DSO a house or hotel in the country or mountains where people can stay when they want to go hunting, shooting etc
4 a local meeting place for some organizations, or the group of people who belong to one of these organizations:
He was a member of a Masonic lodge.
5 a beaver's home
6 American EnglishTBB a traditional home of Native Americans, or the group of people that live in it

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