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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlodgerlodg‧er /ˈlɒdʒə $ ˈlɑːdʒər/ noun [countable]  STAY WITH SB, IN A HOTEL ETCsomeone who pays rent for a room in someone’s house syn boarder American English We have decided to take in lodgers to help pay the mortgage.
Examples from the Corpus
lodgerAre you still looking for a lodger?And I've got a lodger.If you're having trouble paying your mortgage, consider taking in a lodger or at least renting out a room.Deborah had taken a lodger the moment she found her place.Nor did she know if there should be some legal document setting out the terms upon which landladies and lodgers agreed.In contrast the relationships of landlady and lodger, landlord and tenant may have this component.We had lodgers all through the war, most of them evacuees.This young lady's our new lodger.He did not expect the lodger to return.I hope that you are well, and taking care of yourself, and that the lodgers are agreeable.take in lodgersA woman who offers hospitality to guests is more honourable than one who has to take in lodgers for a fee.Others used their empty houses to run a corner shop or to take in lodgers, sometimes both together.The right to take in lodgers.
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