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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlodginglodg‧ing /ˈlɒdʒɪŋ $ ˈlɑː-/ noun  1 STAY WITH SB, IN A HOTEL ETC[uncountable] a place to stay It’s £90 a week for board and lodging (=meals and a room).2 [countable usually plural] old-fashionedHOME a room in someone’s house which you live in and pay rent for Paul found lodgings in the Marylebone Road.
Examples from the Corpus
lodgingCost for a course including full board and lodging is £175.The tourist office will send you information on lodging.David was coming from his own lodging, pale and grave and preoccupied, with his child-wife by the hand.She got herself back to the lodging somehow.board and lodgingThis would include a sum, if necessary, for any board and lodging provided for the substitute housekeeper.As a result, my telephone and fax bill is much greater than the bill for board and lodging.Moreover, all Soviet art education was state financed and students got materials, free board and lodging, and pocket money.Cost for a course including full board and lodging is £175.We need as little as possible of the concept of board and lodging and bed and breakfast.It seemed cheap at the price - five guineas for travel and a month's board and lodging.Mr. Wigley Does the Minister accept that board and lodging is a second-best provision for those families?Her salary was £85 perannum with board and lodging, rising to £95 after one year.
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