Date: 900-1000
Language: Old Norse
Origin: lopt 'air, upstairs room'


1 noun
Related topics: House, Buildings
loft1 [countable]

under a roof

British EnglishDHH a room or space under the roof of a building, usually used for storing things in [= attic]:
Our neighbours have just done a loft conversion (=changed the loft into bedrooms).

on a farm

TATBB a raised area in a barn used for keeping hay or other crops:
a hayloft

part of a room

American English a raised area above the main part of a room, usually used for sleeping

type of apartment

a space above a business, factory etc that was once used for storing goods, but has been changed into living space:
She's just bought a loft in Manhattan.

for birds

a set of cages used to keep pigeons in

in a church

TBB the raised place in a church where the organ or choir is

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