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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlogiclo‧gic /ˈlɒdʒɪk $ ˈlɑː-/ ●●○ noun  1 [singular, uncountable]LOGICAL a way of thinking about something that seems correct and reasonable, or a set of sensible reasons for doing somethinglogic behind The logic behind this statement is faulty.logic of What’s the logic of your argument?accept/follow/see somebody’s logic It’s easy to understand his logic. There is a certain logic in their choice of architect.commercial/industrial/economic logic Commercial logic has forced the two parts of the company closer together.2 [uncountable]LOGICAL a formal method of reasoning, in which ideas are based on previous ideas3 [uncountable] technicalTD a set of choices that a computer uses to solve a problemCOLLOCATIONSverbsunderstand/see somebody’s logicI could not understand the logic of her actions.follow somebody’s logic (=to use someone’s logic in an activity or situation)Following this logic, none of these distressing conditions would be considered 'real' illnesses.use/apply logicWhy do we not apply the same logic in the way we treat animals?accept somebody’s logic (=agree that a reason is correct)The government should accept this logic and exempt all students from paying the tax.defy logic (=to not be reasonable)It defies logic to import food that we can grow more easily and cheaply here.logic suggests something (=used when you want to argue that something is reasonable)Logic suggests that if the air is warmer, more water evaporates.logic dictates something (=used to say that something will definitely happen because of logic)Logic dictates that poorer people will be more affected by the rise in inflation. adjectivescommercial/industrial/economic etc logicReducing your carbon footprint is also backed by good economic logic.internal logic (=logic that seems sensible within a particular activity or situation)Each major religion has its own internal logic.underlying logic (=logic that is important, but not easily noticed)These word lists show students the underlying logic of English spelling.inexorable logic formal (=logic in which one thing leads to another in a way that cannot be avoided)By the inexorable logic of war, the bombings provoked an even stronger response.impeccable logic (=very good logic)He worked out, with impeccable logic, that the best thing to do would be to cooperate.a certain logic (=used when something does not seem sensible, but there are understandable reasons for it)With a certain logic, the child said that ‘ten and one’ would be the next number after ten.
Examples from the Corpus
logicThere was most definitely a logic to the Corinthians' positions.In the end, minimizing fails because it violates the principles of behavioral logic.Such Hegelian logic put a new interpretation to history.I had a feeling that his logic would not bear close scrutiny but was too numb to argue with the ancient greenkeeper.The kind of reasoning I found in logic was very foreign.I am good at quizzes that involve logic 41.For example, brain circuits for learning math, logic and music are thought to develop between birth and age 4.Sophie questioned the logic of his arguments.I couldn't see the logic behind the decision to close the school.logic behindWe just don't see the logic behind the decision.
From Longman Business Dictionarylogiclo‧gic /ˈlɒdʒɪkˈlɑː-/ noun [uncountable]1COMMERCE commercial/economic/industrial logic a way of thinking and making good judgements that is connected to a particular area of business, the economy etcTheir takeover bid appears to have no commercial logic.2COMPUTING a set of choices that a computer uses to solve a problem or perform a taska logic circuit
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