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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlonesomelone‧some /ˈləʊnsəm $ ˈloʊn-/ ●○○ adjective American English  1 ALONEvery unhappy because you are alone or have no friends syn lonely Beth is lonesome without the children.2 EMPTYa lonesome place is a long way from where people live and very few people go there syn lonely, remote a lonesome spot near the canyon3 on/by your lonesome
Examples from the Corpus
lonesomeIn the quietness seagulls called far above her, invisible and lonesome.Oliver says he is a duffer, but keeps him on because he is so helpless and lonesome.Sethe looked at her daughter and thought, Yes, she has been lonesome.The house grew quiet and lonesome.The holiday has to do with other worldliness, spectral phenomena, lonesome caped creatures rising across the moon.a lonesome desert highwayHe took the stairs one at a time, a certain lonesome feeling moving into his bones.a lonesome song
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