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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong-lastingˌlong-ˈlasting adjective  LONG TIMEcontinuing for a long time opp short-lived The impact of divorce on children can be long-lasting.long-lasting effect/resultsee thesaurus at long
Examples from the Corpus
long-lastingThe isotopes give off long-lasting alpha radiation and the waste will remain dangerous for 3000 years or more.The report focussed particularly on universities which were constructed at a time when long-lasting buildings were not a priority.In general Republicans supported the measure because its likely effect would be to undermine the long-lasting Democratic domination of the state legislature.This was quite normal, and their professor had said there was no cure, but no long-lasting effect either.He quickly angered countless officials, and his haughty presence sparked a long-lasting feud with Arizona Sen.The microscopic particles bond themselves to metal surfaces, providing long-lasting lubrication.long-lasting razor bladesHowever, physical appearance and intellect are insufficient foundation for effective long-lasting relationships.It can be one of the most helpful and long-lasting things that a friend can do.long-lasting effect/resultIt seems incredible now, but no doubt the loss of revenue when conditions changed had deep and long-lasting effects.The other five judges ruled that there was no evidence of any severe or long-lasting effects.This was quite normal, and their professor had said there was no cure, but no long-lasting effect either.Studies have shown that even if the abuse stops without the teen-ager saying anything, there are long-lasting effects from it.Once your rollers are in place, set with a light fixing spray for a long-lasting result that has shine without stickiness.
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