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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong-livedlong-lived /ˌlɒŋ ˈlɪvd◂ $ ˌlɒːŋ ˈlaɪvd/ adjective  LONG TIMEliving or existing for a long time opp short-lived Ostriches are long-lived birds. the band’s long-lived appeal
Examples from the Corpus
long-livedBut that apparent growth may not be long-lived.They were also amazingly healthy, immensely potent sexually, and unusually long-lived.Typically, the highest dividends are paid by stable, long-lived companies.Key among them is the problem facing most developed countries of how to fund reasonably comfortable retirements for an increasingly long-lived population.They are a long-lived species and a pair will not lay eggs every year.Bream are a long-lived species and a six or seven pound fish is likely to be an elderly one.This is critical for Beaujolais, for it is not a long-lived wine.
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