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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong-runningˌlong-ˈrunning adjective [only before noun]  LONG TIMEused to talk about something that has been continuing for a long time a long-running sagalong-running dispute/battle/debate/feud etc She was involved in a long-running legal battle.long-running show/musical/soap opera etcsee thesaurus at long
Examples from the Corpus
long-runningThis had all the makings of another long-running acrimonious dispute, when again wider political events quite unexpectedly overtook the controversy.The action is the latest in a long-running battle between the US and Canada relating to Cuban relations.The proposal would end a long-running dispute between the Internal Revenue and the petroleum producers.Police would not speculate on a motive, except to say that Avanesian had a long-running dispute with his wife.a long-running FBI investigationThe game also allowed the long-running feud between Limpar and Derby midfield player Mark Pembridge to continue.The incident followed long-running jibes between Snell and listeners about the industrial town of Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.Lawrence leaves for a holiday this weekend but hopes to complete the long-running Jon Gittens deal on his return in July.The long-running musical "Jesus Christ Superstar' is to close after more than 3,000 performances.Tensions flared in the long-running Senate Whitewater hearings Thursday as a former Arkansas securities commissioner testified that she warned then-Gov.Their reservations were voiced at the long-running Sizewell public inquiry, where the Suffolk local authorities have just finished their evidence.long-running sagaMagistrates yesterday granted a liquor licence to Glasgow-based Anchor International to end a long-running saga.This, it was hoped, would mark the end of a long-running saga.Saturn's opposition to Mars will bring a long-running saga of struggle to a head once more.Yes, it's true, you're holding the final chapter in a long-running saga that began way back in 1985.
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