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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong-servingˌlong-ˈserving adjective [only before noun]  having a particular job or position for a long time a long-serving member of the committee
Examples from the Corpus
long-servingRepeated calls for Mr Mubarak to change his long-serving and mediocre cast of ministers have so far been ignored.Palace beat Watford 3-0, with these two men performing really well together and beginning another of Palace's long-serving full-back partnerships.It is the day when Jean Fabre, the president-in-waiting, takes over from the long-serving incumbent Albert Ferrasse.During 1948 two long-serving members of staff retired.Systems topple, statues walk, long-serving political incumbents take a hike in a huge global shake-up.Dole and Gramm, to be sure, enjoy fund-raising advantages of their own, as powerful long-serving senators.long-serving memberDuring 1948 two long-serving members of staff retired.The end of the Summer Term saw the retirements of two long-serving members of staff.Tribute was paid to Wally Heath, a long-serving member of the committee who had died during the year.
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