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long shot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong shotlong shotsomeone or something with very little chance of success Chelsea are a 20–1 long shot to win the championship. long
Examples from the Corpus
long shotCity officials and securities experts think the activists are betting on a long shot.He had not told Rory everything, not by a long shot.With all the interest the article had generated, Fanshawe no longer seemed like such a long shot.This is a long shot, but I still want to try it.It's a long shot, but well worth trying.The 45-year-old candidate remains the longest of long shots for the Republican nomination.Its brief revival was sparked by Dziekanowski who fed Tarasiewicz and for once a long shot had Shilton in trouble.She had looked everywhere else and, although it seemed a long shot, she might as well look in there.
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