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long/slow haul

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong/slow haullong/slow haulLONG TIMEsomething that takes a lot of time and effort At last we’ve won our freedom but it’s been a long bitter haul. haul
Examples from the Corpus
long/slow haulThat would be a long haul.Miles per gallon Then, on a long haul, it wouldn't go up hill or overtake on the flat.Those who do not fancy long haul can share short flights between two or three budding pilots.It is necessary to get things into perspective before the long haul to the Southern Hemisphere, though.Can we clean out the garage at last and buy for the long haul?In the long haul, Rex wanted what we all want, a measure of financial security.Over the long haul, how you see others may be even more important in helping your dreams come true.The county could subsidize the longer hauls from North County through a discount on tip fees.
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