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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong-sufferingˌlong-ˈsuffering adjective [usually before noun]  WAITpatient in spite of problems or other people’s annoying behaviour his long-suffering wife
Examples from the Corpus
long-sufferingNorwich reformers agreed, claiming that amelioration properly carried through made them more long-suffering.Their pal Robert Musgrave would play their long-suffering compatriot, Bob.Poor old long-suffering Dunbar, Aubrey thought, as Pogo climbed out on to the pavement and paid the driver.He cursed, and spurred his long-suffering mount onwards again.What did our long-suffering paragon of good grace do?She answered all my questions with a gentle smile and an air of long-suffering patience.And backs off quick, before the long-suffering pimp shows up, and knocks the girl into shape with his jewelled fists.After numerous false starts, attendance figures hint that long-suffering soccer fans might finally have something to be excited about.a long-suffering wifelong-suffering wifeAnd long-suffering wife Bet - actress Julie Goodyear - will be left to pick up the pieces.His long-suffering wife Elsie knew that her man had a mistress tucked away somewhere.
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