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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong-timeˈlong-time, longtime /ˈlɒŋtaɪm $ ˈlɒːŋ-/ adjective [only before noun]  LONG TIMEhaving existed or continued to be a particular thing for a long time a long-time supporter of civil rightslong-time friend/lover etc
Examples from the Corpus
long-timeTrading in works of art needs a deep purse and long-time backing.The general tendency among long-time employees, said the study, is not to think of leaving.Encourage long-time employees to take early-retirement.My husband and I are biologists and long-time farmers in your area.Windsor played the long-time head of a boys' secondary school swallowed up by a grammar school to form a comprehensive.long-time friend/lover etcRoy Barraclough, a long-time friend and colleague, joked with Mr Dawson less than 24 hours before his death.Whatever transpired between the two long-time friends must be really serious.
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