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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong-windedlong-wind‧ed /ˌlɒŋ ˈwɪndɪd◂ $ ˌlɒːŋ-/ adjective  1 BORINGcontinuing to talk for too long or using too many words in a way that is boring His speeches tend to be rather long-winded.see thesaurus at long2 if a way of doing something is long-winded, it is very complicated The whole process is incredibly long-winded.
Examples from the Corpus
long-windedHer letters do tend to be a bit long-winded.Natural language is ambiguous and long-winded and these techniques are much superior.That definition, which is taken from Box's study, is rather long-winded, but corporate crime is a complex issue.Jacques launched into a long-winded explanation that left us just as confused as before.Massot was a pleasant but impossibly long-winded Gaul whose briefest reminiscence about his days in the Resistance tended to last an hour.No, those long-winded gentlemen put me off sermons for a good long while.This method is, however, a little long-winded if you only want to edit a couple of lines.The journey was a long-winded one, first by train to Carcassonne and then to Couiza-Montazels.long-winded politiciansOne wonders what would happen should Mack apply her long-winded principles to herself.I'm sick of reading badly-written and long-winded scripts by candidates who should know better.Dad can be so long-winded sometimes, I cringe when he starts talking to someone new.One long-winded speaker after another came to the podium.But you don't need to go this long-winded way around doing it.
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