2 adverb
long2 S1 W1
1 for a long time:
Have you been waiting long?
Reform of the law is long overdue.
2 used to ask and talk about particular amounts of time:
How long will it take to get there?
Try to keep going for as long as possible.
It took me longer than I thought it would.
3 at a time that is a long time before or after a particular time
long before/after something
This all happened long before you were born.
long ago/since
He should have left her long ago.
It wasn't long before (=soon) Lisa arrived.

for long

[usually in questions and negatives] for a long time:
Have you known them for long?
I haven't seen her for so long that I've forgotten what she looks like.

as/so long as

a) used to say that one thing can happen or be true only if another thing happens or is true:
You can go out to play as long as you stay in the back yard.
b) used to say that one thing will continue to happen or be true if another thing happens or is true at the same time:
As long as we keep playing well, we'll keep winning games.

(for) as long as

used to talk about something continuing for the amount of time that you want, need, or is possible:
You can stay for as long as you want.
She tried to stay awake for as long as she could.
The fruit should be left on the tree as long as possible.

no longer/not any longer

used when something used to happen or be true in the past but does not happen or is not true now:
The extra workers won't be needed any longer.
It's no longer a secret.

before long

soon or in a short time:
Before long a large crowd had gathered outside the building.
It's likely that the law will be abolished before long.

somebody/something/it won't be long

spoken used to say that someone or something will be ready, will be back, will happen etc soon:
Wait here - I won't be long.
Dinner won't be long.

all day/year/summer etc long

during all of the day etc

so long

spoken especially American English goodbye

long live somebody/something

used to show support for a person, idea, principle, or nation:
Long live the King!

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