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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlonged-forˈlonged-for adjective [only before noun]  a longed-for thing or event is one that you want very much the birth of her first longed-for child
Examples from the Corpus
longed-forBut William was a much loved and much longed-for baby, and the Prince and Princess could not have been happier.But with the help of a special miscarriage clinic, her longed-for baby finally became a reality.Which therapists explicitly or implicitly exaggerate the likelihood that they will be able to help their patients make the longed-for changes?Her prayers were eventually answered, but after the birth of her first longed-for child she had four more.Would-be grandparents can express their disappointment at not acquiring the longed-for grandchild.Three years after Diana's birth the longed-for son arrived.
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