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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlongevitylon‧gev‧i‧ty /lɒnˈdʒevəti $ lɑːn-, lɒːn-/ noun [uncountable]  1 LONG TIMEthe amount of time that someone or something liveslongevity of the greater longevity of women compared with men The worms have a longevity of about two years.2 long life or the long time that something lasts The ancient Chinese claimed that garlic promoted longevity.3 the amount of time that something lastslongevity of the longevity of an athlete’s career
Examples from the Corpus
longevityThe inhabitants enjoy good health and longevity.The people of this village enjoy good health and longevity.Very few people have a career of great longevity, constancy and consistency in films.He attributes his longevity to 'a simple diet and a glass of wine every day'.It was operated with care, oiled, greased and allowed to rest; its longevity was protected.But for the first time it seemed possible to measure the body like a machine to test its longevity.The more successful we are at prolonging longevity, the more it will cost us in elderly care costs.The die was cast for great species longevity.But they also came to represent admired qualities: strength, longevity and triumph over adversity.As in the case of genes, fecundity is much more important than longevity of particular copies.the disparity in the longevity of the sexes
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