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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlonginglylong‧ing‧ly /ˈlɒŋɪŋli $ ˈlɒːŋ-/ adverb  WANTin a way that shows that you want someone or something very much She thought longingly of returning to Paris.look/gaze longingly at somebody/something He looked longingly at the tray of cakes.longing adjective
Examples from the Corpus
longinglyNeptina Jones, 25, stares at Jakhaila longingly.She looked at the bracelet again longingly.I looked longingly at the bed, but it was a double bed.Jack looked longingly at the cookies.Apparently not, for now she was gazing longingly at the pool, then at Liz.He looks longingly at the teapot and the tiny red cups.Adults spoke longingly of real coffee, since even the watery liquid brewed from burnt chicory was not regularly available.People spoke longingly of what they would eat if only they could.As Christmas approached our thoughts turned frequently and longingly to our wives and children.thought longinglyOh, if only she looked more like Paula! she thought longingly.Arthur looked at Flute's cross face and thought longingly of Fred's horse sense at dress rehearsals.She thought longingly of Hugh Puddephat's rooms in Oxford.She had thought longingly of the candle left behind in Guy's chamber, but had known better than to mention it.
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