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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlongishlong‧ish /ˈlɒŋɪʃ $ ˈlɒːŋɪʃ/ adjective informal  LONGfairly long opp shortish
Examples from the Corpus
longishFlapper bathing beauties were well covered, including longish drawers and stockings.The man with the guitar was dark and smooth-faced, with longish hair, a sensitive mouth.He wore a cap and a longish mac done up at the neck.He has high cheekbones, and a longish nose.You may be able to accommodate this bending by tying in to a longish pergola or trellis on a wall or fence.Two negative reports, say, over a longish period of time..They look like crude, longish pine cones, with bracts clearly recognizable as modified leaves.an artist with longish red hairHe is not much of a talker; a longish sentence for him is um, his standard reply to most questions.
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