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longshoremanlong‧shore‧man /ˈlɒŋʃɔːmən $ ˈlɒːŋʃɔːr-/ noun (plural longshoremen) [countable] American English  BOTTWsomeone whose job is to load and unload ships at a dock syn docker British English
Examples from the Corpus
longshoremanNear the draw dock some longshoremen had heaped it up and set light to it, to clear the area.
From Longman Business Dictionarylongshoremanlong‧shore‧man /ˈlɒŋʃɔːmənˈlɒːŋʃɔːr-/ noun (plural longshoremen /-mən/) [countable] American EnglishJOBTRANSPORT someone whose job is to load and unload ships SYN STEVEDORE, DOCKERport reorganization that could cause big job cuts for longshoremen
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