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look down your nose at somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlook down your nose at somebody/somethinglook down your nose at somebody/somethingPROUDto behave as if you think that someone or something is not good enough for you He looks down his nose at anyone foreign. look
Examples from the Corpus
look down your nose at somebody/somethingOne who doesn't look down her nose at anybody.Never had any man so looked down his nose at her.I can go in a shirt and jeans and no one looks down his nose at me.Besides, I didn't fancy going to the Chapel and having all the family looking down their noses at me.Normally she looked down her nose at men and then ignored them unless they needed the sharp edge of her tongue.But I was not one to look down my nose at shabbiness.We looked down our noses at this pair of student hicks.No more will I look down my nose at whining, spineless malcontents.Don't look down their noses at you.
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