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look no further

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlook no furtherlook no furtherused to say that something you are offering is exactly what someone has been trying to find Want a quiet country retreat for your weekend break? Then look no further! look
Examples from the Corpus
look no furtherOften they decide they like the idea of running one particular business and they look no further.If the sheer quantity of information about 1992 is clouding your vision, look no further for the silver lining.For a typical candidate, one need look no further than Keith Hill, bidding to take Streatham from the Tories.You need look no further than last weekend for examples, when Kentucky and Kansas both lost their final games.You need look no further than Plautus himself.For evidence, look no further than the campaign trail.In fact, I needed to look no further than the ground below me.Or need I look no further than the old man's unspoken mistrust of my intentions?
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