2 noun
look2 S1 W1

look at

[countable usually singular] an act of looking at something
have/take a look (at somebody/something)
Let me have a look at that - I think it's mine.
Take a good look at the photo and see if you recognize anyone in it.
I took one look at the coat and decided it wasn't worth £50.
have/take a look around also have/take a look round British English (=look at all the things in a particular place)
I have a special interest in old houses. Do you mind if I take a look around?


[countable] an expression that you make with your eyes or face
give somebody a look
Mike gave him such a severe look he didn't dare argue.
Why has Jake been giving me dirty looks (=unfriendly looks) all morning?


[singular] an act of examining something and thinking about it
have/take a look (at somebody/something)
Have you had a chance to take a look at my proposal yet?
I asked the vet to have a quick look at the puppies as well.
It's time to take a fresh look at the old problem of low pay.
This month, take a long hard look (=examine very carefully) at where your money is going.


[singular] an attempt to find something:
I can't find them anywhere. Have a look yourself.
She had a good look (=searched carefully) through the files.


[countable usually singular] the appearance that someone or something has:
The area has a very seedy look to it.
Mr Flynn had a tired, ill look in his eyes.
not like the look of somebody/something (=think that something bad has happened or will happen because of something's appearance)
We should turn back now. It's getting dark and I don't like the look of those rain clouds.

way something seems

[countable] the way something seems to be:
The neighbours are back from holiday by the looks of it (=that is how it seems).
I don't like the look of this new policy (=I do not like the way it seems).



[plural] physical attractiveness:
Fiona's got everything - looks, money and youth.
You get your good looks from your mother.
When she lost her looks (=became less attractive) she found it difficult to get work.


[singular]DC a particular style in clothes, hair, furniture etc:
The hippy look is back again.

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