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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlookoutlook‧out /ˈlʊk-aʊt/ noun  1 be on the lookout for somebody/something2 keep a lookout3 person [countable]WATCH someone whose duty is to watch carefully for something, especially for danger4 place [countable]PLACE a place for a lookout to watch from5 that's/it's somebody's lookout
Examples from the Corpus
lookoutMy lookout tree is a red spruce.He resolved the problem by adopting the role of lookout, warning the men when strangers, particularly police, were approaching.Both Mr and Mrs Tiller were always on the lookout for any child or woman with potential.Please be on the lookout for talent in your classes and give serious consideration to auditioning yourself.I told Thompson to alert all the guards on duty to be on the lookout for a small brown rodent.From February to July he was on the lookout for blossoms.So I was on the lookout.
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