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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlookslooks[plural]BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKING physical attractiveness Fiona’s got everything – looks, money and youth. You get your good looks from your mother. When she lost her looks (=became less attractive) she found it difficult to get work. look
Examples from the Corpus
good looksThere is little agreement on how much one must pay for comfort and good looks.Fortunately she'd learnt at a very early age never to be taken in by good looks alone.With his dark good looks, Jason could have been a TV star.Sleek, dramatic good looks were supposed to be the exclusive property of the more fashionable marques.She had grown into tall, black-haired good looks and was given to forgetting her nervousness in laughter.She gets her good looks from her mother.But then, it was not his good looks that made him famous.Credibility is no respecter of good looks.Owners say they are as proud of their cars' durability as their good looks.