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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishloonyloon‧y1 /ˈluːni/ noun (plural loonies) [countable]  informalCRAZY someone who is crazy or strange Her brother’s a complete loony.
Examples from the Corpus
loonyHe said I waved at the poor man like a loony.Janet's brother is a complete loony.Two young lads from Hafnarfjödur, a small fishing village near Reykjavik, were going like loonies.I would only trash incoming mail from obvious opponents and obvious loonies.Political loony, surprised thief, old lag with a grudge ... it's facts I want, not surmise.She felt like a total loony doing these things for herself.He's an absolute utter loony.
loonyloony2 adjective  informal silly, crazy, or strange a loony idea
Examples from the Corpus
loonyWhat kind of a loony bin have they got down there in Berkeley, anyway?They felt free to festoon the machine with all sorts of loony filigrees.What of the loony fringe that I had so conveniently forgotten?I can't be loony if I can remember my dream, surely?Major was spot on, just as he was dead right to go on to warn Hague against his loony right.
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