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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishloose-fittingˌloose-ˈfitting adjective  LOOSEloose-fitting clothes are big and do not fit your body closely, so that they are comfortable syn baggy opp tight-fitting, tight a loose-fitting jacket
Examples from the Corpus
loose-fittingI wore loose-fitting clothes to protect me from the heat of the sun.They were both pale-faced, hot and dishevelled, and dressed in loose-fitting crumpled clothes.Patsy, 24, wearing a loose-fitting dress and comfy sandals, filled eight carriers when she unloaded her trolley.I might wear trousers or, at the moment, a pair of loose-fitting ski-type pants.A normal, loose-fitting skirt can be split up the side and fitting with a Velcro fastening.A kung fu suit should be loose-fitting, with buttons and a high collar.
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