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loosen your grip/hold

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishloosen your grip/holdloosen your grip/holda) CONTROLto reduce the control or power you have over someone or somethingloosen your grip/hold on The government has loosened its hold on the media considerably. b) HOLDto start holding someone or something less tightly than you were before opp tightenloosen your grip/hold on He loosened his grip on David’s arm. loosen
Examples from the Corpus
loosen your grip/holdI felt a shock charge through my hand and could not loosen my grip.The woman jabbed her cigarette into the man's face and he loosened his grip.When there is none, he loosens his grip and turns away.He made a choking noise, and Marco loosened his grip fractionally.Instead, he waited until the first fierce flood of tears had passed, then loosened his grip on her a little.When I loosened my grip on him he tried to run back toward Clarisa, stumbling and crawling.Richard first noticed me from across the street as he loosened his grip on the lamppost.It was on a block where he encountered three soldiers that he began to loosen his hold on the sequence.
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