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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlopsidedlop‧sid‧ed /ˌlɒpˈsaɪdɪd $ ˌlɑːp-/ adjective  1 REGULARhaving one side that is lower or heavier than the other a lopsided grin2 EQUALUNFAIRunequal or uneven, especially in an unfair way a lopsided 8–0 victory
Examples from the Corpus
lopsidedThe lopsided final score may suggest an easy victory.a note written in a child's lopsided handwritingThere was something odd about her too-a slight stumble in her walk, a lopsided look to her face.Why are women drawn in such lopsided numbers to pentecostalism?His whole face was lopsided, one cheek badly scarred.She gave me a lopsided smile.At length they came to another smaller gate, flanked by a gloriously lopsided storybook cottage.It also led to the creation of a lopsided system in line with the structure of medical priorities and values.The Raiders wiped out the Washington Redskins, 38-9, in what then was the most lopsided victory in history.a lopsided vote on the abortion billShe notices she has made a mistake and begins unraveling a lopsided yellow row.
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