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lose touch (with somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlose touch (with somebody/something)lose touch (with somebody/something)a) CONTACT somebodyif two people lose touch, they gradually stop communicating, for example by no longer phoning or writing to each other I’ve lost touch with all my old school friends. They lost touch when Di got married and moved away. b) NOT KNOWif you lose touch with a situation or group, you are then no longer involved in it and so do not know about it or understand it They claim the prime minister has lost touch with the party. It sometimes appears that the planners have lost touch with reality. lose
Examples from the Corpus
lose touch (with somebody/something)De Lavallade drifted away from Alvin, although they never completely lost touch.It is also very easy to lose touch.Over the years we just lost touch with each other.She said she had lost touch with him.I was begin-ning to lose touch with my body, floating away to distant places.Command economies are usually so centralized that they lose touch with the differences and complexities of individual firms and consumers.Salibi says that the Massoretes had lost touch with the language of the Bible and made many distortions.Employees and their managers lost touch with their customers and fiefdoms arose.Those who pay for education, for example, may lose touch with what is taught and with the methods used.A lot of producers have lost touch with what makes good music.
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