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lose your bearings

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlose your bearingslose your bearingsCONFUSED a) to become confused about where you are I completely lost my bearings in the dark. b) to become confused about what you should do next young men who have lost their bearings in a changing society bearing
Examples from the Corpus
lose your bearingsI was trying to get to the A22 and lost my bearings a bit in all the country lanes.He had lost his bearings on a trip to nearby shops a few weeks earlier.Perhaps it was exhausted, perhaps it had lost its bearings in the thick fog.Among right-wing circles this perception simply intensified their existential feeling of Angst, of having lost their bearings.She soon lost her bearings in the dense forest.When Kelly left, the company began to lose its bearings.But as the world grew unfamiliar, I began to lose my bearings.We lost our bearings in the fog and ended up 30 miles from home.If you lost your bearings down here you might never get out.
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