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lose your cool

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlose your coollose your coolANGRYFRIGHTENEDto stop being calm in an annoying or frightening situation Kenneth finally lost his cool with a photographer, and threatened to hit him. cool
Examples from the Corpus
lose your coolKenneth finally lost his cool with a photographer this morning, and threatened to hit him.Gable lost his cool with his pal Spencer Tracy who often tested the patience of his peers.I should not have lost my cool and behaved in that manner.He lost his cool and kicked out two stumps during a frustrating day when he beat the bat consistently.Sam was a real gentleman who never lost his cool.In this situation, it hardly ever helps if you start shouting or losing your cool.Sometimes she lost her cool and I thought she stepped out of her role as therapist.But she was not the only one who was losing her cool.
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