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lose your grip

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlose your griplose your gripFAILto become less confident and less able to deal with a situation I don’t know what’s the matter; I think I’m losing my grip. grip
Examples from the Corpus
lose your gripWhilst cutting her garden hedge with a chainsaw one recent summer, a woman slipped and lost her grip.Niyazov does not appear to be losing his grip.He began a forlorn final game by losing his grip on the racket altogether.Half way through, the film loses its grip on the day-to-day reality in Northern Ireland.Unfortunately, lately her mother seems to have lost her grip on reality.He lost his grip and fell into the car's path.They decide to go, too, but Frank has problems manoeuvring the car, whose tyres keep losing their grip.I had made loops to go over her wrists, I told her, so that she wouldn't lose her grip.If Perelman succeeded, Gutfreund, for the first time, would lose his grip on the firm.
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