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lose your temper

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlose your temperlose your temperANGRYto suddenly become very angry so that you cannot control yourself I’ve never seen Vic lose his temper. temper
Examples from the Corpus
lose your temperIt worked, however, as it had worked when Eng lost his temper about some performing he thought listless.Did he ever lose his temper, raise his voice?As the argument escalated, Faison lost his temper completely.He ached with anger at himself for losing his temper once again.He obviously had impregnation on his mind, but by now Lydia had lost her temper and she told him to get stuffed.Then, one day, she had lost her temper, completely, suddenly and, even to herself, shockingly.Once the door is closed, Mami loses her temper.You should never lose your temper with the students - it'll only make things worse.Why did he always choose to lose his temper over issues in which he was in the wrong?Bunny wasn't the only one to lose his temper.
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