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lose your way/bearings

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlose your way/bearingslose your way/bearingsa) to stop knowing where you are or which direction you should go in I lost my way in the network of tiny alleys. b) to become uncertain about your beliefs or what you should do The company seems to have lost its way of late. lose
Examples from the Corpus
lose your way/bearingsAmong right-wing circles this perception simply intensified their existential feeling of Angst, of having lost their bearings.But somehow, in the zeal to get re-elected, we lost our way.I am about to lose my way.John had a mission to become an entrepreneur, but he went out without a road map and almost lost his way.She claimed she had somehow been placed on an ocean liner that had lost its way at sea.He lit another cigarette and left, losing his way at the end of the corridor.When my wife left me, I kind of lost my bearings for a while.He had lost his bearings on a trip to nearby shops a few weeks earlier.The Congressional black caucus has lost its way since Republicans took over Congress.I completely lose my bearings when I go outside the city.
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