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lose yourself in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlose yourself in somethinglose yourself in somethingTAKE PART/BE INVOLVEDto be paying so much attention to something that you do not notice anything else She listened intently to the music, losing herself in its beauty. lose
Examples from the Corpus
lose yourself in somethingHe had never been able to lose himself in a crowd, or dash off somewhere suddenly on a whim.A generation loses itself in an inner world of feeling and self-awareness, oblivious of outside forces.Perfecting themselves, though, there is little chance that they will lose themselves in anyone else.Small children have the ability to lose themselves in imaginary worlds.A line of track ran one way to nothing and lost itself in nothing in the other direction.Men say I am a saInt losing myself in politics.And though she longed to lose herself in the flames, to be consumed and reborn, she was also terribly afraid.Like the owl, it could lose itself in the forest.
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