Language: Old English
Origin: los 'destruction'


Related topics: Business Basics
loss S2 W1
1 [uncountable and countable] the fact of no longer having something, or of having less of it than you used to have, or the process by which this happensCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
loss of earnings/income loss of appetite loss of interest loss of confidence loss of control loss of faith loss of memory/memory loss blood loss/loss of blood job losses weight loss hearing loss
loss of
The court awarded Ms Dixon £7,000 for damages and loss of earnings.
a disease which causes fever and a loss of appetite
This did not explain his apparent loss of interest in his wife.
her loss of confidence in herself
a certain feeling of loss of control
a temporary loss of memory
The animal was weak through loss of blood.
The company is closing down two of its factories, leading to 430 job losses.
Weight loss should be gradual.
a type of hearing loss that affects language development
2 [uncountable and countable]BB if a business makes a loss, it spends more than it earns:
The company made a loss of $250,000 last year.
The magazine's losses totaled almost $5 million.
profit and loss
run/operate etc at a loss (=to earn less money from something you sell than it costs you to produce it)
Two of the mines are running at a loss.
a loss-making rural railway
3 [uncountable and countable] the death of someone
loss of
She must be feeling very lonely after the loss of her husband.
I'm sorry to hear of your family's sad loss (=the death of someone you love).
US forces withdrew after suffering heavy losses (=many deaths).
The war has led to a tragic loss of life.

be at a loss

to be confused and uncertain about what to do or say:
When her son finally left home, Emily felt completely at a loss.
be at a loss to do something
Detectives are so far at a loss to explain the reason for his death.
He seemed, for once, at a loss for words (=unable to think what to say).
5 [uncountable] a feeling of being sad or lonely because someone or something is not there any more:
the deep sense of loss I felt after my divorce
6 [singular] a disadvantage caused by someone or something leaving or being removed
loss to
We see your going as a great loss to the company.

that's/it's somebody's loss

spoken said when you think someone is being stupid for not taking a good opportunity:
Well, if he doesn't want to come, it's his loss.

➔ cut your losses

at cut1 (29)

➔ a dead loss

at dead1 (10)

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