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loss leader

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loss leaderˈloss ˌleader noun [countable]  BBTa product that is sold at a very low price in order to attract customers into a shop
Examples from the Corpus
loss leaderJust think of it as a loss leader and keep your fingers crossed. 3.The concept of a loss leader is often applied to internal price differentials.
From Longman Business Dictionaryloss leaderˈloss ˌleader noun [countable]1MARKETING a product or service that is sold at a loss, but that is intended to encourage people to buy other, profitable products or servicesSupermarkets sometimes sell bread as a loss leader to bring in customers for other, more expensive goods.2COMMERCE an activity that loses money but that is hoped to make a profit laterMost law firms view Moscow offices as loss leaders that will eventually bring great profits.
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