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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlostlost1 /lɒst $ lɒːst/  x-refthe past tense and past participle of lose
Examples from the Corpus
lostPhil Gramm of Texas, who lost a presidential primary bid against Dole.Front forces, in particular, lost a very high percentage of their best men in 1968.He had lost blood profusely and had collapsed.Read in studio A man severely brain damaged in an operation more than twenty-five years ago, has lost his fight for compensation.I lost my faith when my parents died.Thus the would-be entrepreneur can keep drawing benefits, and, if the business fails, they haven't lost out.
lostlost2 ●●● S2 W3 adjective  1 cannot find your wayLOST/DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE if you are lost, you do not know where you are and are unable to find your way somewhere ‘Are you lost?’ the driver asked. I got thoroughly lost on the way here. a lost child2 cannot be foundLOSE/CAN'T FIND if something is lost, you had it but cannot now find it syn missing two boys searching for a lost ball3 wasted a) lost time or opportunities have not been used in the way that would have given you the greatest advantage It’ll be impossible to make up the lost time. b) lost sales/business/earnings etc sales, business etc that you could have had but did not The strike has cost the company £2 million in lost revenue.4 feel/be lost5 Get lost!6 not noticing [not before noun]THINK ABOUT thinking so hard about something, or being so interested in something, that you do not notice what is happening around youlost in Harry just stood there, lost in thought. Amy lay on her bed, totally lost in her book.7 get lost (in something)8 be lost9 be lost on somebody10 be lost for words11 not existing [only before noun]LOSE/NOT HAVE ANYMORE that no longer exists or that you no longer have the relics of a lost civilization She wept for her broken dreams and lost youth.
12 lost cause13 lost soul14 all is not lost give somebody up for dead/lost etc at give up, long-lost, → make up for lost time at make up for, → there is no love lost between somebody and somebody at love2(10)
Examples from the Corpus
lost"Did you understand him?" "No, I'm completely lost."I've looked everywhere for the car keys. I think they must be lost.Several good business opportunities have been lost.My keys are lost again.a lost dogthe lost dreams of her youthDivers are searching for the plane's lost flight recorder.Never mind, say market optimists: the first quarter of 1991 promises to make up much lost ground.You haven't gotten my letter yet? It must have gotten lost in the mail.Of course, you might live perfectly happily together but you might also hanker for your lost independence.The lost or damaged car will then belong to us.Such closures could cost mine companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production.New computer systems could save us millions of dollars in lost time.a lost touristgot ... lostHad Jean-Claude not known the way we should undoubtedly have got lost.The reindeers just would not have managed without him on this dark Christmas Eve, they would have got lost.I ve got lost, he giggled.Once, I got lost hiking in El Salvador.But I got lost in the doing of it, as navigators may, and we went beyond ourselves.One day the man and his camel got lost in the jungle.Thus the effect of the former got lost in the more widespread effect of the latter.Still, something got lost which was present in Perrault.lost in thoughtFor a moment she seemed lost in thought.He spotted her through the steam-smeared glass, sitting at the bar lost in thought.It seemed his turn, too, to appear lost in thought.She stared at the fire, lost in thought.William is looking out the window, lost in thought.Mrs Alderley sat lost in thought for a few moments.I am lost in thought, trying to write.
LostLost /lɒst $ lɒːst/   a US drama television series about the lives of people who survive on a tropical island after a plane flying between Sydney and Los Angeles crashes. The series has won both Emmy and Golden Globe awards.
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